Hidden In Hazel 

Hidden In Hazel, an exhibition of works by Louise Wallace, is a culmination and reflection of her work over the past four years in LSAD. The exhibition aims to showcase her interest in Socially Engaged Art Practice through the medium of Fine Art Photography, Film and Video. The works examine the current cultural transition from analogue to digital technology, and this project explores the interactions faced by those living an existence free from rapid digital connections and data exchange. Hidden in Hazel offers three glimpsed character studies of people who choose to live a more isolated ‘analogue’ existence with little or no connection to the digital realm, instead choosing to focus on their own personal creative endeavours and unique existences. The investigation is based in a remote part of the Burren known as the New Line. Wallace creates a collaborative experience with these characters, and documents the importance of these residual ‘analogue people’ who have chosen to exist without any digital footprint. In it, she proposes that the relation developed with the four protagonists is as important as the resulting artworks.

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