Tell me you Secrets 2018, was sparked by a conversation my sister was having with her friend where she said your my “soul mate” you can tell me anything. I found this characterisation very poignant and this got me reminiscing about my childhood and specifically my relationship with my best friend. We used to spend all of our time together, particularly by the sea. As we would swim we try spend as much time under the water as possible and tell our secrets to each other. The water acted as our safe space and indeed a place where we would confide in each other. We carried such a strong bond back then but naturally we drifted apart. The piece was filmed in the University of Limerick and titled “Tell me Your Secrets” The piece focuses on one protagonist as she tells the viewer her secrets in an underwater space. The water acts as an archetype of purity but deep lies a sense of innocences and secrets. The water will also act as a sound barrier as the viewer will try make out what protagonists is trying to say. The sound has been recored on waterproof microphones and merged with foley effects in the editing process.

364 Days at sea video piece, is a repose to a photographic collection of work by the same title, where I spent a day in the life of my protagonist, a local fisherman named Rainer on his boat. Rainer is known locally for fishing everyday apart from Christmas. The video piece is a a moving still that captures the moment before Rainer thought he was being photographed. The piece is filmed in a non narrative way that focus on the individual and my relationship to them. The piece is intentionally slowed to highlight the honest gestures and the “in Between” Moments in life.

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